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I’m Silvia Muñoz, a second grader of bachillerato who would like that her research work stay available to everyone. I hope you find the content provided interesting and entertaining. Thank you so much for visiting.


I would like to state the objectives of this website. In this one we study a series of women who were persecuted by the black legend, convention of attributes that often have a negative connotation and that may or may not be true. Otherwise, it is interesting to analyze these black legends throughout history, observing how additions have been made by adapting the profile of women to their own prejudices of the time. For this reason we divide the analysis of each woman into two parts: roots of the legend where the following questions are answered: how did it begin?
all? Who started it? With what interest? And on the other hand, the legend through the centuries where it is studied how these statements have influenced the image of women over time: Who continued the legends? By what means did he do it? How successful have you been up to now? The latter, I have decided to sort it by areas of the sources, grouping all those that are of the same type, and within these groups, I sort them chronologically, from least to most recent. All together, it will give us the sufficient relevant information about women and their black legend, giving rise to a broader understanding of the reader about them.


First of all, I would like to thank, fundació.cat and Dinahosting for this opportunity. Also thank the tutor of the Web project, Toni Hortal, for his help in creating the page. Finally, I would like to thank Francesc Rodríguez, my tutor of the research work, for the great help he has given me both in the composition, writing and structure, as well as for all the volume of information he has given me. made accessible. However, I am immensely grateful for your help on a personal level while doing the work, for the encouragement and confidence you have placed in me.