The tomb of Eleanor of Aquitaine in the abbey of Fontevraud.
[1]Image taken from the article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleanor_of_Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine was the eldest daughter of William, tenth Duke of Aquitaine. She was born in France in 1122 and was endowed with an excellent education. When she was only 15, her only brother and father died, leaving her with a large inheritance, becoming the largest eligible heiress in Europe. In the same year she married the heir of France Louis VII and with whom she had two daughters. In 1147, Eleanor accompanied her husband in the Second Crusade, this situation was disastrous for the relationship between Eleanor and her husband. This, along with the fact that she did not give him a son baron, caused great tension between them and they were eventually divorced.

Two months later, Eleanor married Henry Plantagenet, who in 1154 became King of England. Together they had five sons and three daughters. As Duchess of Aquitaine, she was notably involved in the expansion of Henry’s empire, directing her policies to secure her territories in England and France. Later, in 1173, two of Eleanor’s sons involved her in a plot against her father, and Henry decided to imprison her. After the king’s death in 1189, his eldest son, Richard I, ordered his mother released. Since then Eleanor, despite her age, about 60 years, was heavily involved in government. She even acted as regent in England when Richard the Lionheart fought to unite the Third Crusade. After the death of his son Ricard, he will continue to be involved in Aquitaine, where he will be able to see his last years.


How did the black legend about Cleopatra begin? Who were the contemporaries in charge of disseminating it? Why are they interested in sharing these reasonings?


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