Draw of Cleopatra VII on papyrus.
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Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy XII of the Ptolemaic kingdom in Egypt, her death caused Cleopatra to reign on the throne at 18 and her younger brother Ptolemy XIII, who was only 10 years old.

Shortly after she came to power, her brother’s advisers attacked her, forcing her into exile in Syria. There, he created an army of mercenaries to face his brother. Who also had reasons to face Ptolemy was Julius Caesar. The reason? The Egyptian had given the order to kill a Roman general, Pompey. Cleopatra did not hesitate to join the cause and showed support for the Roman with his soldiers. Caesar won the war and gave the throne to Cleopatra, forcing her brother into exile, but he chose to commit suicide on the Nile. Finally, Caesar returned to Rome and the queen eventually visited him until the Roman was assassinated in 44 BC. C.

In the year 41 a. C. Rome passed into the hands of Julius Caesar’s heir, Marc Antoni. He and Cleopatra met. The military and the politician fell in love. At that time Antoni was in the power struggle for the Republic against Octavius ​​Augustus. Finally, in the year 30, Octavius ​​occupied Alexandria, and in order for neither of them, Cleopatra and Marc Antoni, to suffer any humiliation, they chose to commit suicide. Cleopatra’s death puts an end to the Ptolemaic dynasty.


How did the black legend about Cleopatra begin? Who were the contemporaries in charge of disseminating it? Why are they interested in sharing these reasonings?


Who were in charge of continuing the transmission of the black legend? By what means did they do it? How successful has the legend been to the present day?


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